Discomfort led us here. noho is about where we go next.

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Comfort without compromise.

At noho, we think furniture should look and feel good while doing good for our planet, too. It’s why we don’t rely on conventional thinking or materials, but instead create earth-friendly designs that help clean up our oceans, protect our environment and enrich our homes, our well-being and our everyday lives.

Our Passion

We’re out to change the world by changing people’s expectations about what furniture can and should do for our homes, our health and our environment. It’s why we do what we do every day. And why, together, we can help turn the tide toward a healthier future for everyone.

Our Roots

Born in Aotearoa New Zealand, noho is a company with deep roots and a deep respect for the natural beauty and cultural values of our home. From the language of our indigenous Māori, noho means to sit, stay, dwell, live. It embodies a fundamental belief in kinship and connection between humans and the natural world (kaitiakitanga).

Our Values

Our values are reflected in every detail of our products, starting with the innovative designs created by our sister company, Formway, which combine new insights in human physiology with deep expertise in ergonomic and sustainable design. We also manufacture all our furniture in New Zealand to ensure sustainability throughout our supply chain while powering our production with 82 percent renewable energy.

Our Promises

We design boldly.

Your home, your life and your style aren't like any other generation’s. So why shouldn’t your furniture reflect that? At noho, we create this-century modern furniture that supports all the unique demands and realities of your busy, dynamic life with easy-going style and versatility that fits every room, function, posture and décor.

We tread lightly.

We create furniture that not only reduces our impact on nature, but actually helps restore it by doing things like upcycling ghost nets and other ocean waste rather than depleting our natural resources. We also use eco-friendly processes and sustainable materials to make and package every product, every time.

We innovate purposefully.

We combine a deep understanding of human physiology and movement with a mastery of ergonomic design and engineering to create furniture that flows naturally with your body and your life. This unique balance of support and movement creates responsive, dynamic comfort for better physical health and well-being.

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